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AI & Video Games, Tricky Chatbots and More…

Posted on June 22, 2017

AI and video games (again) Vicarious (a buzzy Silicon Valley company developing AI for robots) say they have a new and crazy-good AI technique called Schema Networks. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and others seem pretty skeptical and demand a throw-down challenge with AlphaGo (or, failing that, some peer-reviewed papers with commonly used terms and a […]

Long Short-Term Memory, Algorithms for Social Justice, and External Cognition

Posted on June 14, 2017

DARPA funds graph analytics processor Last week I posted a bunch of links pointing towards quantum computing. However, there are also other compute initiatives which also offer significant potential for “redefining intractable” for problems such as graph comparison, for example, DARPA’s HIVE which aims to create a 1000x improvement in processing speed (and at much lower power) on this problem. […]

Quantum Supremacy, Correlating Unemployment, and Buddhists with Attitude

Posted on June 7, 2017

Quantum supremacy As Ben and I have discussed before on an Epsilon Theory podcast, my view is that quantum computing is going to be truly, truly transformational by “redefining intractable”, as 1Qbit say, over the coming years. My conviction around quantum continues to grow and — to put a pretty big stake in the ground — I believe, […]

AI Hedge Funds, Corporate Inequality & Microdosing LSD

Posted on April 18, 2017

Allow me to reintroduce Neville Crawley. Neville Crawley is not only an Epsilon Theory fellow traveler and recent podcast guest, he’s also a brilliant technologist. As part of the ET 2.0 expanded sandbox, I’ve asked Neville to write a weekly-ish “Down the Rabbit Hole” column with his observations on what he calls Big Compute, I […]