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Investors must watch what the Fed does, not what Yellen says

Dr. Ben Hunt’s note, Gradually and Then Suddenly, is quoted extensively by the South China Morning Post. Read the article

Dr. Ben Hunt: The Federal Reserve is no longer your friend!

MacroVoices podcast welcomes Dr. Ben Hunt to talk about why the Fed is no longer your friend. Listen

Adventures in Finance Podcast

Meet an 18th-century murderer, banker, convict, laughing stock, and the godfather of central banking, John Law. Dr. Ben Hunt joins the folks at Real Vision to explore how Law wrote the modern central banking playbook which resulted in a bubble which has reverberated through the actions of future central bankers since. Listen

The Wall Street dad bro is having an existential crisis

Reporter Linette Lopez quotes Salient’s Dr. Ben Hunt in this Business Insider article about the challenges related to investing in today’s markets. Read the article

Salient’s Hunt: Fed Won’t Have Your Back, Active Matters Again

Dr. Ben Hunt appears on Bloomberg Markets AM to describe how the Fed’s new “reaction function” to data will not be as investor friendly. Listen

Ben Hunt on Behind the Markets

Dr. Ben Hunt was a guest on the Sirius XM radio show Behind the Markets, produced by Wharton Business Radio. Dr. Hunt discuss two of his recent notes, “Anthem!” and “The Narrative Machine.” Listen

Will The Rally Continue?

Salient’s Dr. Ben Hunt coined the phrase “Narrative of Central Bank Omnipotence.” Financial Advisor magazine included this description in an article that considers whether Central Bank Omnipotence is dying or still effective. Read the article

Crude Oil Rebounds, All Eyes on US Fed Rate Decision

Salient’s Dr. Ben Hunt was quoted in a story on Voice of America: “Ben Hunt of Salient Partners notes in a research report regarding policy that, ‘We can gnash our teeth all we want about the hypocrisy and manipulation that’s inherent in this exercise, or we can play the game and maybe make some money. […]